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Tsurumi Line



The Tsurumi Line is a 9.7 km long line connecting Tsurumi Station in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture and Ogimachi Station in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

In addition to the main line connecting Tsurumi Station and Ogimachi, the line has two branch lines: the Umi-Shibaura branch line, which branches off from Asano Station and connects to Umi-Shibaura Station, and the Okawa branch line, which branches off from Musashi-Shiraishi Station and connects to Okawa Station. Since the station is located in the Keihin Industrial Zone, it is used as a commuter stop by people commuting to factories along the line. Umi-Shibaura Station, along with Omigawa Station on the Shin-etsu Line and Rikuzen-Otsuka Station on the Senseki Line, is known as a station adjacent to the sea, and the Keihin Canal can be seen from the platform. Also, stray cats live in Ogimachi and Asano Stations and greet passengers as they please. Despite its proximity to the city, the line has a loose atmosphere.

Key data

  • Line Length: 9.7 km
  • Number of stations: 13
  • Safety system: ATS-P
  • Train model: 205-1100 series
  • Max speed: 85 km/h
  • Max speed after signals:
    • Reduced speed (green/yellow): 65 km/h
    • Caution (yellow): 45 km/h
    • Speed restriction (yellow/yellow): 25 km/h
  • Routes:
    • Tsurumi ~ Ogimachi (701): "Local" - 3 cars - 10 stations - 7 km
    • Tsurumi ~ Umi-Shibaura (705): "Local" - 3 cars - 7 stations - 4.7 km
    • Tsurumi ~ Okawa (801): "Local" - 3 cars - 7 stations - 5.1 km
    • Tsurumi ~ Hama-Kawasaki (1013): "Local" - 3 cars - 8 stations - 5.7 km
  • In-train announcements: Yes
  • Driver announcement (pointing-and-calling): No

Console details


On the far left, we have the brake levels with an indicator for emergency brake in red (非常).

On the left, we have several indicators on the top part, and at the bottom part, we have the brake pressure level (black arrow) and the compressed air reservoir (red arrow). Then we have the speed dial.

Then comes the lock indicator and the pocket watch, at the center.

On the right we have the ATS-P panel and the train protection radio equipment.

Here is the translation of the indicators (those on the left):

  • First line :
    1. 3-phases (三相)
    2. Emergency short-circuit (非常短絡)
    3. Snow resistant brakes (耐雪ブレーキ)
  • Second line:
    1. 1
    2. Home confirmation (left) (ホーム確認「左」)
    3. Home confirmation (right) (ホーム確認「」)
    4. Safety Brakes (直通予備)

Consult the MON/TIMS/INTEROS screen page for more details about the TIMS screen.



Driver's guide: 

Timetables (in japanese):