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Others features

Slow advance / Inching

Used to correct the stop position in stations equipped with landing doors and the TASC system. (e.g. Yamanote line)

In stations where the TASC system is installed, if the train is not correctly positioned in front of the platform doors (±35 cm), the platform doors will not open. This is detected by transponders on the track.

In this case, you need to put the handle in P1 (forward or reverse, depending on where you are) while pressing the inching button, so that the vehicle moves at a very low speed (<2 km/h).

When the train is finally in the correct position, TASC intervenes to stop the train, the landing doors open and the stop position correction is completed.

Cruise control

This allows the train to run at a constant speed (like for a car), by controlling power and brakes.

To use it, you need to be in position P5 at 60km/h or more. Pressing the button locks the speed. To deactivate the regulator, simply manipulate the handle.

Speed limitation

This prevents the train from exceeding a certain speed when descending at high level, by using regenerative braking.

To use it, depending on the train:

  • The gearshift handle must be set to "Speed limitation" / "抑速" (e.g. series 211 or E129).
  • If the position does not physically exist (e.g. E531 series), then you must be in position N and be at 55km/h or more and press the speed limit button. This activates the speed limit (noted 抑速). To deactivate, simply manipulate the handle.

Hill start

For 1-lever trains, when you are at a standstill and switch from braking to acceleration using the handle, there is a short delay between the moment the brakes are released and the moment the train moves forward. If the train is stationary on a slope, this can cause the train to move backwards before it moves forwards.

To avoid this, simply hold down the hill start button while accelerating. This will cause a B4 brake level to be applied until the train moves forward, preventing it from moving backwards.

TASC deactivation

TASC (Train automatic stopping controller) is a fixed-position stopping device. In stations with platform doors, the stopping position must be more precise than usual, so that the platform doors are aligned with those of the train. If they are not aligned, the doors will not open.

TASC is a device that automatically applies the brakes and stops the train exactly at the specified point. It applies if the train is 60km/h or less when ~150m from the stop point. This button deactivates TASC, leaving the driver in control.

It is installed on E233 and E235 series trains. However, only the simulator's Yamanote line contains TASC data.