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Keiyo Line

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The Keiyo Line, which opened in 1990, is a relatively young line within JR East, connecting Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, with Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.

Except for the underground section between Tokyo Station and Etchujima Station, the entire line is characterized by running on elevated tracks along Tokyo Bay. The area along the line is being redeveloped as reclaimed land on Tokyo Bay, and in addition to new towns, theme parks, large shopping malls, and offices are towering above the area.A delta line (connecting line) is provided from Nishi Funabashi Station on the Musashino Line to Ichikawa Shiohama Station and Minami Funabashi Station on the Keiyo Line, and Musashino Line trains operate directly to the Keiyo Line.

Key data

  • Line length:  43 km
  • Number of stations: 17
  • Safety system: ATS-P
  • Train model: E233-5000 series
  • Max speed: 100 km/h
  • Max speed after signals:
    • Reduced speed (green/yellow): 75 km/h
    • Caution (yellow): 55 km/h
    • Speed restriction (yellow/yellow): 25 km/h
  • Routes:
    • Soga ~ Tokyo (1510Y): "Local" - 10 cars - 17 stations - 43 km
    • Soga ~ Tokyo (780Y): "Local" - 10 cars - 17 stations - 43 km
  • In-train announcements: Yes
  • Driver announcement (pointing-and-calling): No

Console detail

Apart from the pocket watch and the door-closing indicator in the center of the console, there are 2 displays.


The first screen (train technical info) displays electrical voltages and various indicators at the top.

The bottom area contains:

  • Brake level and indicators for emergency brake in red (非常) and speed limit in green (抑速)
  • Brake cylinder pressure (BC)
  • Main air reservoir pressure (MR). Note that if this falls below the red zone (780kPa), the compressor starts up.
  • Speed dial.

The top line of indicators are those for ATS-P. Here are the translations of the bottom line:

  1. 3-phases (三相)

  2. Emergency short-circuit (非常短絡)

  3. Snow resistant brakes (耐雪ブレーキ)

  4. Safety Brakes (直通予備)

  5. Cruise control (定速)

  6. Parking brakes (駐車ブレーキ)

Consult the MON/TIMS/INTEROS screen page for more details about the TIMS screen.



Driver's guide:

Timetable (in japanese - read from right to left) :