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About this simulator

Ongakukan and JR East have teamed up to bring you a simulator that has a wealth of experience in train driving simulators. You can experience the professional simulator actually used by JR East drivers for training at home.

East Japan Railway Company was created on April 1, 1987, following the dismantling and privatization of Japanese National Railways, due to financial problems and overstaffing. It is one of Japan's largest railways company, with 17 million passengers a year.


  • High-definition images of JR East's train lines are captured in live-action. You can drive the train from the same perspective as the driver.
  • You can enjoy driving from the same point of view as the driver.
  • The sounds emitted from the trains and tracks in the simulator are recorded by JR East using actual trains, so you can experience the realistic running sounds that a driver would feel comfortable driving.
  • The instrument panel displays the speedometer and other data just like the actual vehicle, and operates faithfully according to driving operations, speed, etc. The sound and instrument panel display will switch to that of the vehicle when the type of vehicle being experienced is changed.


The basic package includes the following contents:

The 3 demo lines and new lines are available as DLC, with prices ranging from €30 to €40 per DLC. The current rate is one new line per month.


To write this guide, I used :

Please note that this guide is not a replacement for the Driver's Guide by Akira Akiyama but a complement.