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Here are the different controls available in the simulator.


  • Wheel click: Return to neutral position
  • Wheel up: Reduce acceleration / Increase braking
  • Wheel down: Increase acceleration / Decrease braking


Trains with a single handle (e.g. E233 series)
  • [1] : Emergency braking
  • [Q] : Reduce acceleration / Increase braking
  • [S] : Return to neutral position
  • [Z] : Increase acceleration / Reduce braking
Trains with two handles (e.g. 211 series)
  • [/]: Emergency brakes
  • [.] / [,]: Increase/Reduce braking
  • [M]: Neutral brake position
  • [Z] / [A]: Increase/Reduce acceleration
  • [S]: Neutral acceleration position
KiHa 54 (Rumoi line)
  • [M]: "Running"
  • [,]: "Overlapped"
  • [.]: "Service"
  • [/]: Emergency brakes
  • [F] / [R]: Change shifting handle
  • [Z] / [A]: Increase/Reduce acceleration
  • [S]: Neutral acceleration position
Other commands
  • [C]: Hide the console
  • [V]: Hide HUD
  • [Esc]: Pause
  • [↑]/[↓]: Shift into forward/reverse gear (handle in neutral position)
  • [E]: Reset deadman switch
  • [Enter]/[Reverse]: Level 1 horn
  • [Reverse] Level 2 horn (on models with this feature)
  • [Space]: ATS confirmation
  • [X]: Alarm stop button
  • [Y]: ATS reset (service)
  • [U]: ATS reset (Emergency)
  • [B] : Communication buzzer

(See the Realistic driving page for more information on these buttons)

  • [I]: Slow advance / Inching
  • [W]: Cruise control / Speed limiter
  • [D]: Speed limit
  • [K]: Hill start
  • [T]: TASC deactivation

(See the Other features page for the operation of these 5 buttons)

Xbox 360/PS/Switch controller


The simulator is Steam Input compatible. This means that controller commands can be configured via Steam. To do this, once the controller is connected, simply click on "Controller configuration" to display the configuration screen.


Once on the configuration screen, simply select one of the 3 action groups, then click on View/Modify Layout.

Zuiki "Densha de Go" controller

The simulator does not natively support this controller. However, there is a program that lets you use it by transforming actions on it into keyboard/mouse commands.

Download it here:

Once launched, plug in your controller, click "1. Detect", select your controller in the list and click on "2. Connect". Key mapping can be modified through the program.

If you plan to play the Rumoi line, please select "KiHa 54 mode".